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Copyright 1936 


11 EAST 36th STREET 


To Obtain the Charm of a Well Lighted Home 


If your home is warm and comfortable through the cold winter months, it is only because 
the heating installation was planned — thoughtfully. So it will be with your lighting. Selected 
in haste, without full regard to the various types of fixtures necessary to give correct light- 
ing to all of the different activities in each room — studying, reading, eating, entertaining, 
cooking, dressing, shaving — you are almost certain to deprive yourself of much of the com- 
fort and happiness you want in your home. But selected with thought, after careful planning 
— and planning should begin with provision for electrical outlets that enable you to enjoy 
the types of lighting suggested in these pages— you simplify living and add satisfaction to 
each day's existence. . . . Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an old one, 
you will find the contents of this book of interest and value. Lightolier, and Lightolier dealers 
everywhere, will be glad to be of additional assistance in showing you lighting fixtures 
that will give you and your home the utmost in good illumination and tasteful decoration. 


The conspicuous position of lighting equip- 
ment makes it exceptionally important in 
the appearance of a room. 

The full beauty of your rugs and other 
furnishings is seen and appreciated only 
when there is ample illumination. 

T $£^ 

®N * \ 

People are happier, brighter and look better 
wherever there is cheerful lighting. 

Proper lighting equipment distinguishes a 
home and enhances the beauty of its archi- 
tectural features. 

Two thoughts are uppermost in your mind as you begin to plan 
your lighting. You want lighting equipment that is beautiful 
and decorative, adding charm and interest to your interiors — 
and you want equipment that gives light good enough to enable 
you to see easily and with safety to your eyesight. 

Only within recent years has this dual function of lighting equip- 
ment had the fullest cooperation between illuminating engineers, 
designers, and fixture craftsmen. Today, America's foremost 
interior decorators and architects bestow as much attention on 
the selection of correct fixtures as they do on any other import- 
ant element of construction or decoration — to the definite 
benefit of home-owners. 

For after all, no matter what fixtures you choose, they occupy 
important places on ceilings and walls where the eye is bound 
to observe them by day or night. They should, therefore, be 
attractive, decorative accessories in themselves. 

But the influence of correct lighting extends far beyond the 
equipment. The appearance of such furnishings as rugs, drapes, 
chairs, sofas — and the appreciation of their beauty — depends 
upon your lighting. Unless the lighting is soft but adequate, 
cheerful but glareless, color tones can be distorted or lost, 
decorations concealed in shadows, harmony and balance de- 
stroyed. Many authorities go so far as to say that nothing you 
buy for your home will assure so much decoration for so little 
money as correct lighting. 

Finally, lighting fixtures are not only part of the furnishings 
but a portion of the permanent construction of your residence. 
You should expect them to look attractive and give undiminish- 
ing satisfaction through a lifetime's use. Indeed, they, are the 
only external evidence of the quality of pipes, plumbing and 
other internal, unseen construction — and so become important 
factors determining the rental or sale of your home should 
circumstances require it. 


Glare spots, shining on a page, make printed 
type illegible — almost impossible to read. 


The most valuable possession of any human being is good eye- 
sight. Only one pair of eyes is given to any of us — and it must 
last a lifetime. Through the eyes we acquire 87% of our knowl- 
edge and control 80% of our actions. No other sense or faculty 
is used so constantly or means so much to our success and 
happiness through life. 

Against these admitted facts, it should be expected that America 
would be a land of 'eye conservationists.' Alas, we have been 
even more extravagant with this essential natural resource than 
with our forests and minerals! Today over 30% of our young 
people in schools suffer from defective eyesight, resulting mainly 
from neglect of proper lighting conditions in home or school. 
More than half of the people over forty are handicapped by poor 
vision*. In at least eight out of ten homes the light is entirely 
inadequate for comfortable, easy, safe seeing. 

This staggering toll extends to more than impaired eyesight. 
Continued eyestrain is depressing, fatiguing, exhausting. Much 
of the irritability found in so many homes, many nervous or 
backward children, a great deal of headaches, nervous disorders, 
and lowered vitality — with its diminished resistance to colds and 
other ills — can be laid at the door of poor illumination. 

Play safe. Protect your eyesight with the good light furnished 
by correct lighting equipment. Have enough light in your home 
so that even the poorest or oldest eyes can see easily at such 
light-demanding tasks as reading, card playing, studying, dress- 
ing and sewing. No other convenience in your home will mean 
as much to your family and your friends; none can begin to 
contribute so much comfort. You can take no precaution too great 
to assure the best seeing conditions for the members of your 
family and as a result enable them to enjoy the many benefits of 
better lighting—to feel better, work better and lead happier lives. 

The eyes of older people require more light. 
Your lighting should be adequate for even 
the poorest eyes in your home. 

Much backwardness in school and perm- 
anent impairment of vision, are due to poor 
lighting at home. 

Natural daylight is more than 200 times as 
bright as the light in the average house. 
Use better light for better sight. 


Lighting that Adds Cheer and Zest 


It is a fallacy to believe that only enough light is needed 
in the dining room to notice the difference between peas 
and mashed potatoes. Nothing will add more to the enjoy- 
ment of a meal, to the decoration of the room, and to the 
other purposes for which it is frequently used, than good 
lighting. Cheerful illumination will give point to the old 
adage that happiness aids digestion. 

The dining-room silver, the lovely linens, the attractive 
chinaware can be made to take on an inviting gleam and 
sparkle by proper lighting. Moreover, the dining-room 
fixture suspended as it is in the exact center of the room, 
occupies the most conspicuous decorative location. It 
should be thoroughly attractive, especially when you com- 
pare its slight cost with the far greater investment in 
rugs and other furnishings that depend upon lighting for 
appreciation of their beauty. 

In many homes the dining-room table is used by younger 
members of the family for their battles with reading, 
writing, and 'rithmetic. Much backwardness in school 

children, and eventually defective vision, has been traced 
to poor lighting conditions for studying at home. 

Recommended Lighting 

There are several methods for lighting the dining room 
correctly. The most popular and perhaps most efficient is 
to use a center fixture that gives interesting emphasis to 
the table — yet permits not a single harsh ray to strike any 
eye. And in addition the fixture must give enough light to 
illuminate the entire room so that eyes are not strained by 
the contrast between a bright table and dark surroundings, 

Lightolier has developed many excellent types of such 
lighting — a few are shown on the opposite page. Some of 
these incorporate the new 'Flexible Focus* arrangement, 
which permits you to use only as much light as you need 
and pay for only the light you use. Elegant crystal equip- 
ment has never lost its popularity; in fact, is gaining 
steadily in public favor. In all instances, however, the 
lamps for such fixtures should be shaded, Wall brackets, 
either shaded, or of the same semi-indirect or indirect 
types as the center pieces, should be provided for con- 
venience at the buffet and for serving. 

Just a Few o4 the Wide Variety of Lightoliers for Dining Room Lighting 

3925- Colonial design 
in combination with 
crystal drapes and 
Sandwich glass. 

2405. Modern in form, 
feeling, and perfect 



Lighting the Most Important Room in Your Home 

Liuinc Room 

The living room, as its name implies, is the most import- 
ant room in the home. There, the members of the family 
spend their leisure and most enjoyable hours. There, most 
of the entertaining is done. There, such eye-straining 
studies and tasks as piano-playing, card-playing, knitting, 
and reading the evening newspaper are performed. ; 

The room should have poise and possess some formality of 
arrangement. Yet it must remain cozy and comfortable 
without a suspicion of stiffness. It is not an easy require- 
ment to meet — but a discriminating selection of lighting 
equipment will enable you to achieve the desired effects 
by contributing charming decoration as well as adequate 

Bear in mind, too, that good light is not expensive. In 
fact, it is the least expensive of all the necessities in the 
average home. Single rugs, sofas and other pieces of fur- 
niture almost invariably cost more than the lighting equip- 
ment required for your entire residence. There is no need 
to skimp i%any room when you get so much in comfort, 
eye-protection and beauty from the few dollars you spend 
for quality fixtures. 

The few illustrations on the opposite page will show how 
decisively Lightolier designers have departed from out- 
worn tradition. New discoveries concerning the relation 
of light to sight have set new standards for correct illum- 
ination — and opened new decorative possibilities to those 
building or modernizing in these times. 

Recommended Lighting 

A central ceiling fixture is decisively recommended. No 
other equipment will give everyone in the room the good 
even illumination required for ease and enjoyment, espe- 
cially if the fixture has been designed for semi-indirect or 
indirect lighting. It will save moving of lamps and shift- 
ing of furniture whenever you have a card-party; it is 
never 'in the way*; it does not occupy valuable floor space. 

If no provision has been made for central illumination, 
at least four wall brackets are necessary to get good light 
— but they must be properly placed. If of the candle type, 
with exposed bulbs, brackets must be shaded to prevent 
glare and injury to the eyes. 

A Style for Every Taste — A Type for Every Need — A Price for Every Purse 

3941. All -the simple 
dignity and grace you 
expect in authentic 
Colonial furnishings. 

4416. Interesting, different, 
the room in a mellow glow. 

efficient — bathing 

4610. Fit for a 
mansion — 
priced for any 

4411. Will beautify your 
walls as well as illuminate the 

2346. Every Light - 
olier decorates as 
well as illuminates. 

3831. Sound styling, good light- 
ing, lasting economy — a typical 

3222. (Below) Flattering 
crystal illumination — exquisite 

2150. Especially useful in the low 
ceilinged room. 

3701. Soft, even illumination — 
permanently pleasing decora- 

4413. No disturbing glare from this 
newest development in indirect lighting. 





Hospitable Glow 


You Welcome 


The entrance hall or foyer sets the tempo for the warmth 
and hospitality that can be expected throughout the home. 
It should be gracious in appearance — preferably simple in 
treatment. No matter whether the emphasis is on formality 
and politeness or on cordiality and gaiety, it must always ex- 
press a sincere welcome to those who cross your threshold. 

To capture this spirit is most important, for your visitors 
receive their first and last, and therefore their most lingering, 
impressions in the hall. 

Recommended Lighting 

In the hall as elsewhere throughout the house, you will find 
that ideas are more important than the mere spending of 
money. A graceful hall lantern, unique in design and warm 
in its welcome glow, will immediately convey a sense of 
comfort and the spirit of hospitality that you want your 
home to display to all who come within it. Lightolier lanterns 
are made in a wide variety — many of them harmonizing with 
appropriate pieces for living room and dining room which in 
many homes are connected through the hall. A few sugges- 
tions for entrance hall and foyer lighting are shown on this 

2689. Quaint lantern that 
bespeaks good taste and 
gives good light. 

4511. Authentically Colo- 
nial — money cannot buy a 
finer design or better con- 

3809. Dainty 
and trim, 
thrifty and ef- 

2310. With 
globe that 
gives the hall 
a most inter- 
esting decora- 
tive note. 


2320. Another of the many 
Colonial lanterns designed 
by Lightolier. 

3600. Creates a feeling of 
perfect welcome in the 




6280. A sparkling gem to 
enliven the upper hall. 

3104. Expert metal crafts- 
manship in combination 
with an unusual Colonial 

2340. A pleasing ornament 
as well as a satisfactory il- 
luminating device. 

2166. Modern in 
line, efficient and 

4709. Authentic- 
ally Colonial in 
feeling — perfect 
in lighting. 


Every Location is 
Enhanced with Lighting 


mid piiiRieitivi 

Even the 'minor* locations have major importance in their 
influence on comfort and convenience. A fixture for the upper 
hall, if clumsy in appearance or poorly finished, creates an 
unfavorable impression that much good decoration elsewhere 
will find difficult to overcome. A light that is inadequate may 
be responsible for an unfortunate accident on the stairs. 

Good lighting costs so little that it is nothing but extravagant 
'economy* to purchase less than the best, especially when the 
best is available at no greater cost than mediocre equipment. 

Recommended Lighting 

Lighting fixtures for upper halls and passages should be 
controlled by separate switches upstairs and down so that 
they may be turned on and off from either floor — and of course 
they must give ample light not only for the hall but for the 
staircase. Dark, gloomy halls are waste spaces and danger 
spots. Light, cheerful halls protect the family and guests 
against accidents. Good light in the hall makes adjoining 
closets easier to use, though wherever possible separate 
lights in the closets should be provided. On this page 
you see only a few of the many Lightolier designs that are 
thoroughly suitable for decorating and illuminating the hall. 



Lighting that is Cheerful, Beautiful, Helpful 


Bedrooms should express the personality of the occupant. 
Milady's boudoir may be feminine, even frivolous. The 
men of the family will prefer strong, comfortable furnish- 
ings and equipment, with complete absence of frippery, 
and insist on relaxation and restfulness. The children's 
rooms should be colorful and cheerful. Guest rooms must 
be inviting and comfortable. 

An inappropriate fixture will strike a discordant note that 
will seep through the decorative scheme. Beautiful equip- 
ment will enhance the room with all its furnishings and 
gratify the ambition of every home-maker to make her 
house a thing of beauty. 

But beautiful lighting should not be selected at the expense 
of good lighting. The many uses of bedrooms by day or 
night call for the £nest illumination. The finishing touches 
of a woman's attire and appearance can be applied prop- 
erly only when the light is right. The pleasure of reading 
in bed, with which so many people taper off into the Land 
of Nod, depends on good lighting. The convalescence and 
comfort of sick members of the family rest greatly upon 
even, glareless illumination. The speedy selection of 
clothes— in fact, the age-old problem of 'getting out of 
bed on the right side' is closely connected with lighting 
under which eyes become 'wide open' quickly. 

The sun parlor or sun-room also deserves the finest illu- 
mination. Probably the most popular room in the house by 
day, with its brightness and sunshine, it is still the favorite 
in many homes when Dad reads the evening paper, Mother 
sews or entertains at bridge, and the children study or 
play. Each of these tasks calls for close eye work and the 
best illumination. 

Recommended Lighting 

It is quite impracticable to equip the bedroom or sun 
parlor with adequate illumination by the use of lamps 
alone — though of course they are excellent accessories not 
only in these rooms but elsewhere throughout the "house. 
For lighting that will give the greatest usefulness use a 
center fixture of indirect or semi-indirect type. It will 
reduce or eliminate shadows and protect the eyes at any 
angle or posture from the injurious glare of unshaded 
bulbs. Unlike wall brackets a central fixture does not 
'fix' the location of furniture, but permits its rearrange- 
ment from time to time, always giving ample light for 
every purpose. Bulbs in wall brackets must always be 
shaded. A few of the many Lightolier ideas for good bed- 
room and sun parlor illumination are shown on the opposite 


A Few Typical L i g h t o I i e r s Designed for B e d r o 

o m 

L i g h t i in g 

4713. As Colonial as George 
Washington and as honest in 
its value. 

4412. The newest note in light- 

ing — exclusive with Lightolier 

3943. A mirrored 
Lightolier — the latest 
note in the modern 

3931. Artistic sim- 
plicity that never 
loses charm. 

3103. Expertly styled and con- 
structed — reasonable in cost. 

2145. A smart contribution 
to the decoration of your 
room. Gives perfect illumina- 

4603. Charming light 
from Cheerio glass 
shades that give a mel- 
low glow. 

2321. A gra- 
cious classic 
interpreted for 
modern living. 

3932. Excellent pro- 
portions and splendid 
glareless illumination. 

3913. A gem in metal 
craftsmanship with 
Sandwich glass trim. 

3934. Comfortable, 
decorative lighting that 
will add beauty to your 

2148. Trimmed with 
crystal — an ideal piece 
for bedroom lighting. 




Good Lighting is 
Indispensable Here 

2323. (Below) Adds 
the final touch of excel- 
lence to Colonial in- 

Dinmc m 


If good lighting is necessary in the dining room — and it is 
— then it follows that correct lighting should also be pro- 
vided for dining alcove or breakfast nook. Many homes, in 
fact, make greater use of them than they do of the dining 
room itself. 

A cheerful, adequate light will make breakfast on a wintry 
morning seem tastier and more heartening. It will add gaiety 
to the informal family snack or to a midnight 'raid on the 
ice-box.* It will make lessons and studies — so frequently per- 
formed on the dining alcove table — move more smoothly and 

Recommended Lighting 

In the dining alcove and breakfast nook there is seldom 
space or opportunity to utilize lamps as lighting accessories. 
The full burden for proper illumination rests upon the fix- 
ture which should be scaled to the size of the room without 
depriving its occupants of the full benefits of ample, glare- 
less lighting. Wall brackets are not recommended, even when 
shaded, as it is difficult to place them in positions where 
they will give enough light to all who use the alcove or nook 
and for the important purposes to which it is generally put. 
Some typical Lightolier suggestions may be seen at the right. 


3530. All the cheerful 
charm of Early American 

2073. Good lighting for 
large appetites and small 





G A T I O N 

4809 Ship's lanterns 
combined with 
weather-vane to give 
light for the S.S. 
'Fun & Frolic/ 

3702. A snug fitting, 
sturdy, sensible se- 
lection for the 
'rumpus' room. 

3531. Especially suited for 
knotty pine and pecky cypress 
wall effects. 

4805. A nautical note 
that will add cheer 
and good fellowship. 

4803. Built to with- 
stand the rigors of a 
rough party — or 
your own children at 

2054. Excellent il- 
lumination from an 
attractive modern 


Lighting that Favors 
Fun and Frolic 


The recreation or 'rumpus' room must be prepared to accom- 
modate different styles in gaiety or 'whoopee'— especially 
'serious whoopee' perpetrated by those who do not believe 
they are having a good time until furnishings and furniture 
are placed in jeopardy. 

The lighting for the recreation room must therefore be com- 
pact, strong and above all, adequate. Only by means of good 
illumination is it possible to conduct such games that call 
for keen eye-work as billiards, ping-pong or even bridge or 
poker. Dancing— to the tunes of the midget or second radio 
—is made more enjoyable under such lighting. The efforts 
of the impromptu bartender are more sincerely appreciated 
and rewarded with calls for 'encore'! 

Recommended Lighting 

The lighting for this room must be sturdy— competent to 
withstand the jolt of some misdirected missile if the party 
becomes hilarious. Better yet, it should be designed to be out 
of the path of most missiles— close or snug to the ceiling 
Central lighting will be found most adaptable to the many 
varying purposes to which the recreation room is placed All 
the requirements for sensible 'rumpus' room illumination are 
found in the Lightoliers shown at the right. They are typical 
of the wide variety of Lightoliers to suit recreation rooms 
done in primitive, nautical, knotty-pine, or simple modern 



Lighting for 


Work-Shop of the 



The kitchen is the work shop of the home. It should be crisp 
looking and gay — pleasant to look at and pleasant to work 
in. An airy, light kitchen takes the drudgery out of house- 
work and brings inspiration to the daily routine of meal- 
planning and preparation. 

Moreover, good lighting will lessen the amount of physical 
and nervous energy required in the daily tasks, reduce the 
possibility of painful burns and other accidents, help to keep 
cooks and maids satisfied, and promote health and cleanliness 
and all of the essential functions which must be performed 
in this room. Fortunately, it is easy and economical to secure 
good lighting for the kitchen. 

Recommended Lighting 

The first essential of kitchen requirements is plenty of light 
— everywhere. The second is that the light be arranged so 
.that regardless of where the work is being done, the worker 
never stands in her own shadow. The third is that the lighting 
furnished be of a glareless type that will not produce eye- 
strain, fatigue and nerve-racking headaches. These new Light- 
oliers bring to the kitchen the same high efficiency found in 
the lighting of the finest business establishments. Provision, 
if possible, should be made for lights directly over the sink 
and basin. In all cases the preferable finish is Chromium 
Plate — modern in appearance, impervious to steam and heat, 
easy to keep clean and sightly, permanently bright. Lightolier 
designs for kitchen requirements are available in a wide 
variety of styles and price ranges. 



H ^J 

2058. Gives ALL the 
light you need over the 
mirror from its two 

2162. Simple, effective, 
economical — bound to 
be a correct choice. 

2167. Protect 
your eyes 
from glare 
and strain. 

2163. Trim and 
graceful, furnish- 
ing 'excellent and 
ample illumina- 


2159. Brightens 
the corners where 
you are — and 
lightens all house- 
hold tasks. 


Provide Good Light and 
Protect Against Accidents 

2170. No convenience 
in your kitchen will 
give greater satisfac- 
tion. Come and see it. 

2050. A modern touch 
that is both stylish and 
decorative. Perfect for use 
beside mirror. 


2165. Brings to 
the bathroom or 
kitchen all the 
best qualities in 
indirect light- 

2049. Stream- 
lined, smart, and 
sensible. Ex- 
tends well over 
the mirror. 


If there is any must in the house, it concerns the necessity 
for good lighting in the bathroom, depending as it does 
almost entirely upon artificial lighting. Care in planning the 
lighting equipment for this room will be of tremendous 
comfort and convenience, each day, to every member of 
your family. The daily chore of shaving is doubly difficult 
and irritating when only part of the face is lighted. The men 
of the house will derive greater satisfaction from fixtures that 
give sufficient light for shaving. The women also need good 
light when they have to apply the finishing touches to their 

The best insurance you can buy against costly accidents or 
even deadly mistakes from the medicine cabinet is with good 
lighting; and it is also of help in preventing the accidents that 
may occur when entering or leaving tub or shower. 

Recommended Lighting 

An enclosing globe, with sufficient room to take a large bulb, 
should be used at the ceiling for good general illumination 
over the tub, basin and toilet. Light at either side of the 
mirror should be available from brackets and these should be 
equipped with frosted glass to prevent the glare which annoys 
and injures eyesight. If an outlet is available for an over-the- 
mirror light, be sure the fixture extends from the wall at a 
sufficient distance to throw the light across the expanse of 
the mirror instead of only on the top of the medicine cabinet. 
A vapor-proof light should be used in the shower to prevent 
burns from steaming water and injuries "from falls that are 
always more prevalent in dimness and darkness. 



Lighting the Exterior of Your Home 


Outdoor lighting equipment should be selected with at 
least as much discrimination as you use to determine the 
lighting for the interior locations of your home. 

To begin with, it must be especially distinctive, because 
for every person who sees your home from the inside 
there are at least a score who judge it from its exterior 
appearance alone. Outdoor equipment must also possess 
style and dignity because it fixes the character of your 
house permanently and gives it attractiveness as surely 
as a new coat of paint — though at but a small fraction 
of the cost for a new paint 'job ' 

Outdoor lighting must be adequate, for then it makes 
prowlers shy, helps to identify your house, and prevents 
accidents on your doorstep. And finally, your outdoor 
fixtures should have superlative qualities of durability, 
for nothing about a house has a fiercer battle with wind 
and weather, sun and rain, ice and snow. All Lightolier 
outdoor fixtures are made of bronze or solid copper, and 

will last forever. You need have no fear that rust will 
streak your walls when you enjoy such quality equipment. 

Recommended Lighting 

The exterior brackets or lanterns selected must of course 
harmonize with the architecture of your house. You owe 
this not only to yourself but to your neighbors who have a 
vested interest in the appearance of the entire neighbor- 
hood. Permanently pleasing appearance can only be assured 
by using lighting equipment constructed of rustproof and 
weatherproof materials — the kind that will be in perfect 
condition years after you have purchased it. The light 
furnished by these lanterns or brackets should be adequate 
for prompt identification of the number of your house 
and of the steps leading into it, thereby avoiding needless 
interruptions and troublesome accidents. Lighting for 
the rear entrance and garage should also be selected with 
these prime essentials uppermost in mind. Lightolier takes 
especial pride in its group of unique outdoor lighting 
pieces, a few of which are illustrated on the opposite page. 


i Few of fire Many Beautiful Lightolier Designs for Exterior Use 

4810. A welcoming beacon to all who 
come to your home. 

4800. A friendly note in decoration, 
a useful purpose in illumination. 

4802. Brings out the full excellence 
of the exterior of your residence. 

4820. Built to give good lighting and 
endure through the ages. 

4816. Distinctive Lightoliers cost no 
more than ordinary equipment. 

4804. High quality and 
low cost are insepar- 
able companions in 
Lightolier equipment. 

4520. Adds infinite charm to the home 
it graces. 

4813. Outdoor lighting equipment has 
unusual decorative importance. 






All of the professional groups operating within or 
intimately associated with home construction — and 
we refer to architects, decorators and builders — 
specify Lightolier equipment throughout the house 
at least twice as frequently as they do any other 
make of fixture! This is not an accident, but a tes- 
timonial to 34 years of perseverance and concen- 
tration upon the essentials of good residential illu- 
mination — authenticity of design, real beauty, dur- 
able construction, efficient lighting, low first cost 
and 'Beautiful finishes that last. ' 

Particularly where most exacting conditions are en- 
countered you will find Lightolier equipment in 
use. That's why hundreds of 'Model Homes' 
throughout the country dedicated not only to a 

Good Housekeeping magazine selected Lightolier equip- 
ment for every room in their Regency apartment — and 
also for their Fashion Salon. 

For the Johns-Manville Model Home constructed in swank 
Westchester County, New York, the best of building mate- 
rials and furnishings were used — and of course the lighting 
was by Lightolier. 

Walker & Gillette, nationally known architects and leaders 
in the Better Housing Movement, use Lightolier equip- 
ment throughout their Laurence Farms development. 




revival in home building but also to exhibiting the 
latest improvements in building materials, employ 
Lightolier fixtures. 

Within the limited space offered by this book only 
a few typical 'Model Home* and other outstanding 
building movements can be illustrated. In these 
and in hundreds of other instances Lightolier fix- 
tures have been selected because of their perform- 
ance — and their real dollar-for-dollar value. 

If you would know more about Lightoliers consult 
your own architect, decorator or builder. Take their 
word, along with ours, that Lightoliers are the most 
suitable, beautiful and dutiful for your pocket and 
your home. 

W. & J. Sloan Co., America's foremost quality home 
furnishers, selected Lightolier equipment for their model 
home "The House of Years." 

The model "New American" homes of the General Elec- 
tric Co., with their brilliant display of how electrification 
has modernized housekeeping and home living, specify 
Lightolier fixtures. 

The 1936 "Bride's House," sponsored by "House Beauti- 
ful" magazine, with its staff of discriminating architects 
and decorators, chose Lightoliers for decoratively and 
adequately lighting every room. 


Factory. The modern Lightolier 
factory where quality lighting 
fixtures are manufactured — from 
ingot metal to the high stand- 
ards of Lightolier perfection. 
Private railroad siding and ex- 
press office on the premises 
assure you of speedy service. 

Plating and Lacquering. The 
most vulnerable part of any fix- 
ture is its finish. Lightolier fin- 
ishes are carefully electroplated 
— then lacquered to assure 
'Beautiful finishes that last.* 

imPORTMIT inFORmnTion THAT will 


1. What is a 'Lightolier'? A trade -marked name 
given to all fixtures and lamps manufactured by 
Lightolier Company. 

2. What is a 'Lightolier* style? A product de- 
veloped to accomplish TWO important purposes 
— in function, to furnish illumination that is 
healthful to the eyes; in form, to give decoration 
that is harmonious and in lasting good taste. All 
are original creations. Many are inspired by 
authentic antiques or museum pieces. But even 
more are new in form, departing entirely from the 
outworn tradition that modern electric fixtures 
must follow the outlines of a candle flame or kero- 
sene lamp. In every instance the designs have been 
scaled to present day needs and the fixtures make 
a real contribution to the beauty and utility of the 

3. What about 'Lightolier* quality? It is quality 
distinguished by merit — not by cost. Lightolier 
artisans, chandelier workers, and hundreds of 
other technicians are the largest single force of 
lighting equipment specialists in the world. /The 
name 'Lightolier' on lighting equipment is com- 
parable to the mark 'Sterling' on silver, 

4. Are 'Lightolier* fixtures expensive? No — 
neither in first cost nor viewed from the more im- 
portant aspect of how long they last and how 
much satisfaction and comfort they give. The 
cost of Lightolier equipment is surprisingly low 
because they are produced in the most modern 
and largest factory in the industry — permitting 
all sensible economies in manufacturing, 

5. Are 'Lightolier* fixtures guaranteed? Yes — the 
Lightolier tag carried by each fixture is your 
assurance that its beauty will remain undiminished 
down through the years. Especial care is given to 
the most vulnerable part of lighting equipment — 
the finish. Cheap enamels that chip or peel have 
no place in our manufacturing processes. All fin- 
ishes are protectively lacquered to bring out their 
full lustre and prevent tarnishing. All metals used 
are of the highest grade the market offers, heavy 
gauge, and carefully tested by precision instru- 
ments. Each part, socket, and wiring circuit is 
rigorously inspected. Your Lightolier equipment 
will give you satisfactory use for as long as your 
home endures. 


Factories and Foundries 

Spinning, One of the essential 
operations in fixture manufac- 
turing-spinning. Lightolier spin- 
ners are proud of the standards 
on which we operate. 


Modelling. No fixture design 
can be better than the art and 
precision of the modeller who 
carries out the artist's sketch. 

Casting. Uniform quality in 
castings can be secured only by 
doing our own foundry work. 
Here an ingot of brass is drawn 
from French sand on the Light- 
olier premises. 


Chasing. The finishing details in 
Lightolier castings are secured 
by hand chasing of skilled 


Remember that only a few of the hundreds of Lightolier styles available 
for all locations could be illustrated in these limited pages. To judge 
fully of their workmanship, their beautiful finishes, and their soft, even 
lighting, you owe it to yourself to go to Lightolier, or to the showrooms 
of Lightolier distributors everywhere. 

Your visits to such showrooms will also enable you to see other Light- 
oliers in every period — Colonial, Early American, Georgian, French, 
Modern — and select from the large variety exactly those pieces which 
best suit your own personal requirements. No matter how little you have 
to spend, the wide range of prices in which Lightoliers are available permit 
you to enjoy the best. 

We and our distributors will be happy to discuss your lighting plans 

with you. Our experience is at your disposal without obligation. 

Should you select Lightoliers, each fixture will come to you 

in an individual carton, constructed to assure safe arrival 

in exactly the condition as it left our plant after three 

rigid inspections. No parts will be missing, it will 

be completely ready for installation. You will 

then have the finest lighting equipment 

money can buy. 


Printed in U, S. A. 



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